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A small family business with a big heart

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New Dawn Organic Skin & Hair Care specialises in handmade, organic skin and hair care products for both the retail and wholesale market. Steadily expanding since 2003 our product list now includes a range of unique eco guest packages specifically designed to give your guests a warm welcome and to create a ‘sense of place’. All of our products are handmade in our workshop here in Pembrokeshire, Wales, UK. 


Having two children and wanting passionately to do the best for them gave me a love for natural, organic, earth friendly food, toiletries, etc. I want our sons to have a healthy happy future and I want there to be a beautiful earth, clean oceans and mineral rich soil for future generations too.


Our first baby had eczema which we found out was caused by the harsh chemicals in popular commercial baby products. I also have sensitive skin that reacts to sulphates/SLS and perfume. I had a health shop when the boys were little and I started to sell and experience for myself the healing powers of essential oils and other natural, organic ingredients. All these things inspired me to start making natural organic soaps and all our other skin and hair care products soon followed.


It was not long before guest accommodation owners that had tried our products approached us wanting wholesale prices so that their guests could experience the effects of organic, eco-friendly products while on holiday. This is when we created our unique eco guest packages. Our wholesale customer’s find that their guests often enthuse about the healing and aromatherapy qualities of the New Dawn skin and hair care products provided, amazed to be going home without the skin problem they came on holiday with!

​The effectiveness, I believe lies not only in the wholesome organic ingredients we use but also in the ones we will not use. However cheap sulphates, parabens and perfume are we will never use them. They are added to almost all commercial toiletries for their foaming, preservative and fragrancing abilities but they are synthetic and too harsh (I have read that sulphates are used to strip grease off car engines). The natural, more expensive, alternatives are not only very effective but luxurious and wonderfully skin and scalp friendly.


We receive incredible feedback on a daily basis  telling us how healing and aromatic our products are so I suppose you could say simply that what inspires us is the thought of helping people feel good in their skin. What could be better than that?



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